LifeGate Education.

Learning sustainability, online.

The project

An e-learning platform completely dedicated to sustainability

Sustainability for companies and professionals – LifeGate Education offers online training courses for those who want to gain new expertise and knowledge about sustainability. The courses meet the needs of different targets and offer varying levels of depth and specialisation.

The courses

Here’s a course that’s right for you

Sustainability Essentials

To inform all employees on the world of sustainability and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), making your company more appealing.

Sustainability Wisdom

To acquire more in-depth knowledge of sustainability’s major themes related to the world of business and to stay up to date on how the sector is evolving and innovating

A course tailored to your business

Customise this course by choosing the courses best suited to your company and/or by creating a bespoke training module. The LifeGate team is at your disposal to create content that is the ultimate expression of your sustainability strategies.

The e-learning experience with LifeGate

What LifeGate Education offers you:

Dozens of hours of lessons with
LifeGate experts

Up to date and high-quality
content, always

Insight from the most authoritative
figures in the world of sustainability

Diverse educational

High level of participation

Monitoring and tracing
of progress

The chance to have discussions
with the trainers

Class activities and debate

An archive of resources and materials
that’s always accessible

Why LifeGate

LifeGate Education brings LifeGate’s training experience online, enriching it with interactive and engaging tools. Many companies have already chosen LifeGate EDU to train their employees, often taking advantage of the main interprofessional funds.
The courses have been delivered through our platform or by importing our training modules into a company’s own platform. In many cases, we have delivered bespoke content, including custom text and/or video products.

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