All courses use LifeGate Education’s
proprietary e-learning platform. It’s flexible,
interactive, and continuously traces
learners’ progress.

A course system based on quality, participation, and constant interaction.

After registering, you’ll have access to your private dashboard, from which you can access selected courses, monitor your performance over time, access the calendar for monthly training appointments, get to know your teachers, and much more.

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At the end of the course, the user will have learned

Dozens of hours of lessons with LifeGate’s experts

Many professionals in the world of sustainability are making their knowledge and expertise available on a variety of subjects, including strategic consulting, the Circular Economy, Carbon Neutrality, New Green Jobs, sustainable stakeholder and supply-chain management, the drafting of socio-environmental reports, etc.

Up to date and high-quality
content, always

High-quality content that’s always up to date: We also never stop learning: through constant contact with companies, taking part in conventions and conferences in the sector, and a newsroom that’s always in contact with the latest news, our content is always updated and reliable

Insights from
the most authoritative figures
in the world of sustainability

Contributions from scientists, experts, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and respected authors regarding environmental, social, and economic issues

Customisable training

Companies can build courses suited precisely to their needs by selecting and combining modules and lessons or creating their own content, tailored to the sustainability strategies of the business.

High level
of participation

The courses are built in a highly interactive way, to facilitate the most complete understanding and keep attention and interest levels high at all times

Progress monitoring
and tracing

Knowledge and involvement are continuously monitored during the entire course through quizzes, multiple choice questions, true or false exercises, role playing, and drag and drop, to cite a few

Opportunity for discussion
with the trainers

You can get to know your teachers during live sessions and send them questions and requests for further information

Class activities and
discussion forums

During the courses, class discussions and exercises can be held in which every user contributes to a specific topic

Courses eligible
for funding

The main interprofessional funds can support corporate sustainability training costs.
Many companies have already chosen to access LifeGate EDU for free!

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